Auto Accidents and Collisions

Recovering from an auto accident can be a daunting task, even if your injuries are not life threatening. The last thing you should be worrying about is filling out forms or whether the insurance company is going to cover your medical bills. I work with each of my clients to ensure that while their case is pending their medical and other expenses are paid by the responsible insurance company. After gathering information from you about your insurance, the accident, the other party and obtaining police reports and medical information I work with the insurance adjusters, attorneys, medical personnel and others so you can focus on your recovery. I will keep you in the loop and I will always return your phone calls. For answers to auto accident questions, please see the Automobile Accident FAQs.

I handle more automobile accidents than any other type of case. In the United States, motor vehicle–related injuries are the leading cause of death for people ages 1–34, and nearly 5 million people sustain injuries that require an emergency department visit. The economic impact is also notable: according to the CDC, the lifetime costs of crash-related deaths and injuries among drivers and passengers were $70 billion in 2005.

Traffic accidents may be common, but every accident involves individuals with different injuries, needs and life circumstances. From soft tissue, minor injury cases to those involving traffic fatalities, I am experienced and prepared to ensure that my clients receive the maximum compensation for their losses. I personally work with each of my clients to provide them with the particularized legal services they require.

As you might imagine, almost all of my automobile accident cases involve automobile insurance. Drivers in Oregon are required to carry automobile insurance. This requirement includes both liability as well as personal injury protection (PIP). Even when a driver fails to carry the required insurance, usually you or another responsible driver has insurance which will likely include uninsured motorist coverage.

Liability insurance covers you if you are at fault in an accident. Personal injury protection coverage is no fault insurance. This portion of your coverage pays for your medical expenses whether or not you are later determined to be at fault in the accident. PIP will also cover up to 70% of your wages if you miss work for 14 or more days. If your PIP covers your medical expenses and lost wages and the other driver is later determined to be at fault, the other driver’s insurance will reimburse your insurance company. The purpose of this coverage is to make sure that individuals who are injured do not have to wait for a determination of fault before they can seek medical attention.

Automobile accidents can produce devastating injuries. In my work as a Deputy District Attorney for Multnomah County I prosecuted cases involving vehicular homicide. I was often required to get up at odd hours of the morning when there was a fatal accident and go to the scene to advise the police in regard to legal procedure and search warrants. I also attended many autopsies, some involving victims of auto collisions.These cases are often the most traumatic for the family members of the victim. I have worked with thousands of victims in my career. I understand that a money award from the court or sending someone to prison will not make everything okay, however both can go a long way to ensuring that justice is done. Our court system is not perfect. It is confusing, slow, overburdened and expensive. My job is to make your experience with the court system as painless as possible while still achieving the maximum compensation for your injury. In furtherance of that goal, I front all the costs of your case, including filing fees, investigator fees, expert witness fees and other costs. You will not have to pay those fees until the case is resolved.

Thankfully, the majority of auto accident injuries are not life threatening. While accidents can and often do produce obvious injuries like broken bones, lacerations, abrasions, and bruising, automobile accidents in particular can cause less obvious injuries like whiplash, sprains, strained muscles and other so called “soft tissue” injuries. Speeds as low as 15 miles per hour are capable of producing enough energy to cause whiplash, whether or not you are wearing a seat belt. Soft tissue injuries are very real to those who suffer from them, but are often received with skepticism by insurance adjusters and, if not properly presented by a competent attorney, by jurors.

It is important to treat a soft tissue injury with the care it demands, both from a medical and legal standpoint. Medically, it is important to see your doctor because what may seem like a small bump on the head or some back stiffness could actually be a life threatening subdural hematoma or a herniated disk. From the perspective of your lawyer it is important to see your doctor and follow his or her recommendations because it is evidence that tends to corroborate your claim that you are injured. If you are following through with your doctor’s orders and making your appointments, he or she will make a good witness when and if it comes time to present your case to a jury. If you fail to ever see a doctor or fail to follow recommendations, without further evidence, it will appear as though you are not genuinely suffering.

If you or someone you know suffered a soft tissue injury or a more serious injury in a car accident, it is imperative that you immediately contact The Law Office of Josh Lamborn, P.C. to begin protecting your rights. Call 503-546-0461 or email Josh at to schedule a free consultation regarding your case.

Common automobile accident injuries: broken bones, lacerations, abrasions, whiplash, herniated / ruptured disk, spinal injury, contusion, hematoma, traumatic brain injury /concussion, traumatic brain injury, muscle strain,pneumothorax (Collapsed lung), eye injuries.

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