Proven Results in Oregon Injury Cases:

-Portland, Oregon personal injury attorney Josh Lamborn has recovered millions of dollars for crime victims, traffic collision victims and others who suffered personal injuries at the hands of others. Below are the results obtained for Josh Lamborn’s clients:

Confidential five-figure settlement for police officer injured by malfunctioning equipment

During a May Day protest, a police officer attempted to deploy a distraction device that was meant to land behind the crowd, but it malfunctioned and exploded within arm's reach of his face. He suffered from temporary deafness and long-term tinnitus.

$100,000 (policy limit) for Estate of woman killed by drunk driver

A 64-year-old woman was driving home after work when a 22-year-old driver in the oncoming lane crossed over the line and hit her vehicle head-on. Both drivers died at the scene.

$25,000 (policy limit) for motorcyclist injured by uninsured, unlicensed teen

A teenager without a valid driver's permit or auto insurance hit a motorcyclist, causing him to suffer a loss of consciousness, an intracranial hemorrhage (traumatic brain injury), a fractured right index finger and injuries to his right knee and shoulder. The motorcyclist pursued an uninsured motorist claim against his own auto insurance.

$50,000 (underlying policy limit + UIM policy limit) for pedestrian injured by driver in crosswalk

 A 15-year-old and two other teens were crossing the street in a crosswalk near their school when a woman, who had been using her cellphone, struck all three of them. My client suffered fractures to her skull, pelvis and knee.

$100,000 for Estate of tenant murdered by landlord (News article)

A Portland man murdered his tenant and hid her body in his backyard. The woman's two sons pursued a civil case against the landlord. Funds were distributed between the tenant's Estate and the landlord's concurrent divorce case.

$325,000 for girl sexually abused by relative

A 12-year-old girl was routinely sexually abused by her 89-year-old adoptive grandfather when she would visit him at his house.

Confidential five-figure settlement for girl unknowingly filmed undressing

A 19-year-old girl was helping a relative housesit, and the homeowner filmed the girl undressing from the waist up without her knowledge. She suffered severe anxiety as a result.

$125,000 (underlying policy limit + Washington State UIM policy limit + 2 dram shops) for the Estate of pedestrian struck by hit-and-run drunk driver

A 61-year-old pedestrian was crossing a street in Southeast Portland when a drunk driver hit him and fled the scene. He died shortly thereafter. The driver and his passenger attempted to hide and repair the vehicle before police were notified. They both had been drinking at several strip clubs before the collision.

$132,000 (underlying policy limit + judgment against Car2Go) for Car2Go driver

The at-fault driver side-swept a Car2Go, sending it across several traffic lanes and colliding into a garbage truck. The injured Car2Go driver suffered a traumatic brain injury (fractured skull and subdural hematoma), neck, back and ear pain and sciatic nerve injuries.

$190,000 for driver rear-ended by dump truck on freeway

 A dump truck driver rear-ended the client, who suffered numerous lasting physical injuries, including a deep venous thrombosis, a fractured and lacerated nose and deviated septum, back and rib sprain, nerve damage in her knee, neck and jaw pain and emotional distress.

$100,000 (policy limit) for driver rear-ended in four-car collision

The injured client suffered a herniated disc, which required two back surgeries. She was on long-term disability and unable to work full time for nearly eight months.

$168,750 (policy limit + dram shops) for motorcyclist injured by hit-and-run drunk driver

A 24-year-old OHSU employee was riding her motorcycle home from work in Southeast Portland when a highly intoxicated driver collided with her and continued driving, crashing onto a sidewalk a few miles away. The drunk driver visited two bars before the incident, resulting in two dram shop claims. The motorcyclist suffered a concussion with subsequent cognitive disorder, a broken hand and pinkie finger, which required surgery, and soft-tissue injuries throughout her body.

$56,200 for trip-and-fall in restaurant parking lot

A restaurant customer suffered a meniscus tear--which required surgery--and injuries to a big toe, after tripping and falling due to uneven pavement in a dark parking lot. Another customer fell in the same spot a year-and-a-half earlier, and the pavement was never fixed, though the restaurant was aware of the issue.

Other 2016 Settlements

  • $6,000 (arbitration award) for passenger in three-vehicle collision
  • $25,000 for broken hand to driver cut off by TriMet bus that failed to stop
  • $22,500 + restitution to Portland police officer attacked, thrown down flight of stairs while on-duty
  • $5,451.51 (20.080) for driver in T-bone collision
  • $4,514.55 (20.080) for passenger in T-bone collision

$95,000 (policy limit + UIM) for rear-end collision that caused tinnitus

A rear-end collision on the I-5 near the Rose Quarter led a woman to suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss.

$960,000 jury verdict for woman sexually assaulted by grandson (News article)

An 81-year-old woman was sexually and physically assaulted by her 34-year-old grandson.

Confidential five-figure award for child sexually abused by other child due to lack of supervision at daycare (News article)

A 4-year-old girl was sexually abused by another child at her daycare on several occasions, because the teacher repeatedly failed to properly supervise the children.

$375,000 for client attacked by Rottweiler that owner trained to be aggressive

A 100-pound, unneutered Rottweiler attacked a 49-year-old woman, biting her left elbow and attempting to take her to the ground. She suffered multiple lacerations and puncture wounds and underwent two surgeries to repair a severed ulnar nerve.

$2,050,000 jury verdict for child sexually abused by foster parent(News article)

A foster parent repeatedly physically and sexually abused the child, who was 2 years old when she first came into the Portland foster home, and was on track to adopt her. Despite previous reports of abuse to child protective services, the child remained in her custody for nearly two years. 

$122,000 for estate in motorcycle wrongful death case 

A 44-year-old motorcyclist riding in Southeast Portland on Christmas Eve was killed by a teenage driver who ran a stop sign.

$135,000 for client injured on TriMet bus that hit parked car

A Trimet bus passenger was injured when the driver attempted to pull into a stop and hit a parked car. The impact projected the 57-year-old woman into the aisle where she landed on her hands and knees. The fall tore her right bicep and rotator cuff resulting in surgery and physical therapy. She was diagnosed with chronic, permanent impairment in her shoulder after her injury failed to heal.

$17,500 for child sexually abused by daycare worker

An employee of a Portland daycare exposed himself to a four-year-old child, after sexually abusing several others. 

Other 2015 Settlements
  • $11,500 (20.080) for woman touched sexually and inappropriately by massage therapist
  • $26,00 for soft-tissue injuries of on-duty police officer hit by drunk driver
  • $27,500 for soft-tissue injuries and concussion of client hit by commercial van
  • $8,000 (20.080) for soft-tissue back injury
  • $9,977.03 (20.080) for soft-tissue injuries and diminished value of vehicle hit by Comcast van

Confidential six-figure award for domestic violence victim (News article)

A 23-year-old woman was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend, resulting in fractured fingers and a concussion.

$72,000 for cyclist injured in "right hook" dump truck collision

A daily bike commuter was on his way to work on N Interstate Avenue. As he rode through an intersection, a dump truck passed him, then turned right into his path without signalling. The truck struck the 30-year-old cyclist, dragging him and his bike several feet. He clung onto the truck’s gas tank and yelled and pounded to alert the driver to stop. His injuries included extensive road rash on the right side of his body and an ankle wound that exposed bone.

Confidential six-figure award for client sexually abused by local hospital nurse (News article)

A 22-year-old woman went to a Portland hospital for abdominal pains and was sexually assaulted by a male nurse in the examination room.

$1.5 million for estate of semi-truck wrongful death case (News article)

A 26-year-old mother of two was killed while driving home on Black Friday after Christmas shopping for her family. She was stopped at an intersection on NE Columbia Boulevard when a speeding semi-truck ran a red light, hit a nearby vehicle, overturned, then slammed head-on into the victim's vehicle.

$35,000 for client injured by collapse of wedding tent

A 33-year-old Portland nurse was attending a wedding rehearsal in Bend, when a gust of wind caused the large canopy tent to collapse. A metal pole struck her head and shoulder, causing a concussion, a neck sprain and contusions in her shoulder and elbow.

Other 2014 Settlements
  • $25,000 (policy limit) for drunk-driving victim
  • $17,000 for soft-tissue injuries for drunk-driving victim
  • $10,500 for client with concussion and diminished value of vehicle
  • $10,000 (20.080) for smoke inhalation caused by negligent furnace installation
  • $10,000 (20.080) for slip-and-fall at Fred Meyer
  • $40,000 for soft-tissue injuries to pedestrian hit by Homeland Security SUV
  • $6,265.65 for client with recent hernia surgery injured in vehicle collision

$58,000 for victim in 20-year-old sexual abuse case

The victim was sexually abused by her stepfather from about age 4 until she was 17. The defendant was sentenced to 21 years in prison, but a miscalculation in his release date resulted in him serving three years more than his sentence, and he intended to sue the state of Oregon for the error. To prevent the defendant from profiting, Josh Lamborn sued the defendant for the underlying sexual abuse. The defendant threatened to drop his lawsuit since he was not going to receive any money. We negotiated a settlement where the victim received 90 percent of the funds awarded in his lawsuit against the state.

$50,000 (policy limit) for security guard run over by hit-and-run drunk driver (News article)

A 44-year-old security guard working at the Rose Garden Arena was on her morning patrol when a highly intoxicated driver backed into her and fled the scene. The driver entered the parking lot early that morning by driving through the chain closing off the otherwise empty lot, prompting the guard to investigate and note the driver’s license plate. The guard suffered soft-tissue back and neck injuries.

$110,000 for client attacked in road rage incident (News article)

A 75-year-old man driving home from downtown Portland with his wife was being tailgated, so he tapped his brakes. The 30-something driver behind him passed the victim then aggressively cut him off and stopped, cutting off the victim's avenue of escape. The defendant dragged the victim from his car and punched him in the face, knocking him unconscious and to the ground. The defendant then kicked him in the ribs and fled the scene. The victim suffered two cracked ribs, four cheek fractures, a bruised hip, concussion and head contusion. The defendant borrowed $10,000 from his father to pay the victim and went to prison. The victim's uninsured motorist coverage paid the rest of the award, since the defendant's insurance denied coverage for the intentional assault.

$70,000 (policy limit + dram shop) for pedestrian injured by hit-and-run drunk driver

A drunk driver struck a pedestrian crossing the street then fled the scene. The 24-year-old victim received 17 stitches in his forehead and elbow and suffered a mild concussion and sprained right ankle. 

Police later arrested the driver after finding her damaged vehicle in her parking garage. She claimed she only had one drink, but her friends described a night of drinking at at least three bars and that the woman consumed six or seven drinks, including shots. She was asked to leave the last establishment because she was loud and passed out on the bar. 

Policy limits were furnished on the underlying $50,000 policy, $10,000 from the bar and the defendant borrowed $10,000 to pay in restitution to the victim.

$90,000 (drunk driver + dram shop) for victim of hit-and-run drunk driver who drove on sidewalk

A Portland State University student was sitting on a bench waiting for the bus when he heard a loud noise to his left. He looked up and saw a car driving on the sidewalk, heading straight toward him. The car drove over his foot and glanced off his right knee before driving off, scattering debris down the road. The victim had surgery to repair a comminuted fracture to his big toe.

$49,999.99 for child sexually abused by daycare worker

An employee of a Portland daycare sexually abused a child who attended the school, along with several other children.

$145,000 for child victim of one-touch sexual abuse at apartment complex (News article)

An 11-year-old boy was sexually abused by the 54-year-old maintenance worker at his apartment complex who befriended him. Prior to the abuse, the apartment complex manager failed to fire or otherwise discipline the worker after her own pre-teen daughter told her the worker touched her breasts. The defendant, an undocumented immigrant, was sentenced to three years in prison for sexually assaulting both children and will be deported after serving his sentence.

Other 2013 Settlements 
  • $5,700 for police detective who broke tooth on olive pit in Subway sandwich
  • $6,726.71 for upper body soft-tissue injuries
  • $50,000 for victim of sexual assault by employer
  • $30,000 for broken arm to jogger tripped by construction twine over sidewalk
  • $42,000 for soft-tissue injuries to motorcyclist in hit-and-run
  • $7,000 for soft-tissue injuries to driver forced off the road
  • $5,500 for soft-tissue back injuries and bruised ribs

$100,000 (policy limit) for client hit by drunk driver who attempted to elude police

A man was driving to work around 4 a.m. when he was hit by a drunk driver running from the police after fleeing a traffic stop. The victim lost consciousness and was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (subdural hematoma). The victim made a complete recovery and was out of the hospital in three days.

Confidential six-figure settlement for client assaulted and sexually harassed by orthopedic surgeon  

A woman was at a party at her boss's condo, when she noticed he was taking cellphone photos of her up her skirt. She grabbed his phone to try and delete the photos. When she refused to give the phone back, he grabbed her neck and choked her until she released the phone.

$40,000 for broken tooth and soft-tissue upper body injuries

On his way home from work, a man was struck head-on by an elderly woman who crossed over the line and drove into his lane. The at-fault driver underwent recent eye surgery and had poor vision at night but drove anyway, attempting to follow the center line on the road. The man, age 34, broke a tooth and sustained soft-tissue injuries in his neck and shoulders.

$100,000 (policy limit) for child sexually abused by daycare worker (News article)

An employee of a Portland daycare sexually abused a 4-year-old victim (Victim #2). The daycare provider hired her 19-year-old former foster child to watch the children unsupervised, despite knowing he had unresolved issues related to sexual abuse during his own childhood.

$225,000 (policy limit + dram shop) for estate of wrongful death drunk-driving victim (News article)

A drunk driver coming from Portland City Grill lost control of his girlfriend's Subaru WRX as he raced up Barbur Boulevard on a wet road surface. The defendant admitted to travelling at least 70 miles per hour when he slammed into the victim, a pedestrian walking her bike across the street to her apartment. The collision killed her instantly. The defendant, whose blood-alcohol content was 0.157 three hours after his last drink, was sentenced to five years in prison. He and his girlfriend (who let him drive her car, despite knowing he was intoxicated) both carried $100,000 insurance policies but had no personal assets.

$39,500 for soft-tissue back injury with preexisting condition of on-duty sheriff deputy hit by drunk driver

A Multnomah County deputy was out on a call for a drunk driver on Interstate 84 in Portland. The deputy pulled to the side of the freeway to wait for the driver to approach. The drunk driver veered off the road and slammed into the back of the police cruiser at over 50 mph. The 55-year-old deputy suffered a flare-up in her preexisting back injury, resulting in the disintegration of a spinal disk.

$100,000 (policy limit) for pedestrian struck by hit-and-run drunk driver

A Portland man was run over in a crosswalk by a drunk driver who fled but was eventually caught and arrested. The victim suffered a traumatic brain injury (subdural hematoma) and severe road rash.

Confidential six-figure award for motorcyclist hit by TriMet lift van

The motorcyclist was riding on Interstate 84 in NE Portland when traffic came to a stop for construction. The TriMet lift van driver failed to recognize that traffic stopped and rear-ended him. The victim's motorcycle was embedded into the front of the lift van and the victim was launched 50 feet into the road, breaking two vertebrae.

Other 2012 Settlements
  • $25,000 (policy limit) for soft-tissue back injury to client hit by drunk driver
  • $25,000 (policy limit) for soft-tissue back injury
  • $40,000 for back injury with two years of treatment, including injections and nerve deadening
  • $14,500 for soft-tissue neck and back injuries
  • $6,829.08 for client injured when backpack strap stuck in TriMet bus door
  • $8,000 for facial and soft-tissue upper body injuries and aggravation to preexisting condition

$100,000 (policy limit) for off-duty sheriff deputy on motorcycle hit by truck

The deputy was riding his personal motorcycle when a Dodge truck pulled out of a parking lot, T-boning him and knocking him off the motorcycle. He had surgery to repair his shoulder and knee. A week later, the defendant's insurance company representative came to his home and offered him $2,000 to settle his case. The victim offered to pay the adjuster $2,000 if he could get in his truck and run him over.

$100,000 for client sexually harassed by City of Portland employee (News article)

A high school student who was intoxicated to the point of blacking out was escorted to a downtown Portland youth shelter by a Portland police officer. The girl, who had no recollection of the event, later received several anonymous harassing phone calls, in which a male described sexual acts he committed with her while she was intoxicated. The victim immediately underwent a sexual assault examination and filed a police report. Police traced the number back to a Police Bureau-issued cellphone belonging to Officer Joseph Wild.

$31,113.31 for disk bulge from auto collision

A driver was stopped at an intersection waiting for a cyclist to pass, when the driver behind her began yelling and honking his horn. The angry driver attempted to go around her on the right, instead rear-ending her and causing the 27-year-old teacher to suffer a disk bulge and neck pain.

$50,000 for cyclist attacked in road rage incident 

A 53-year-old doctor was riding his bike in West Linn when he came to a curve in the road and saw oncoming traffic. Anticipating the car behind him might try to pass him, he moved to the middle of the road for his and the drivers’ safety. The driver became angry and honked his horn. He passed the cyclist once the road cleared, and they exchanged words. The driver then stopped his car, tackled the cyclist and choked him until another motorist interceded. The attacker turned out to be an anesthesiologist.

Other 2011 Settlements
  • $4,214.61 for cyclist thrown off bike hit by drunk driver
  • $8,000 for client injured while getting on TriMet lift van
  • $9,000 for cyclist hit by truck
  • $22,000 for soft-tissue back injury with preexisting condition
  • $20,000 for knife attack victim
  • $25,000 for client sexually assaulted at downtown Portland hotel
  • $12,000 for soft-tissue back injury with preexisting condition
  • $10,000 (20.080) for soft-tissue back injury

$1.6 million for victim sexually abused by neighbor (News article)

A local teenager was sexually abused by his 55-year-old next-door neighbor from age 9 to 15. The defendant agreed to resolve the criminal and civil cases at the same time, accepting a 10-year prison sentence and agreeing to liquidate his retirement and pay the victim the bulk of his life’s savings in the settlement.

Successful defense of robbery victim sued by convicted murderer in prison (News article)

The victim was held at gunpoint by a New York man who shot and killed the victim's business associate over a botched business deal, in which the defendant paid the victims $18,000 for an ice cream truck. He eventually changed his mind and asked for a refund, but the victims declined, since they had already started building the truck. The defendant then traveled from New York to kill the victim, but instead killed the business associate. When he eventually found the victim, the defendant held him hostage and demanded his money. Once the defendant went to prison—a life sentence for the murder—he sued the victim, age 39, for $38,000—the money he advanced for the truck and $20,000 for related expenses, including traveling from New York.

Josh Lamborn prosecuted the aggravated murder case against the defendant prior to leaving the DA's office to work as a personal injury attorney. He volunteered to represent the victim pro bono in this civil matter.

$100,000 (policy limit) for child sexually abused by daycare worker (News article)

An employee of a Portland daycare sexually abused a 4-year-old victim (Victim #1). The daycare provider hired her 19-year-old former foster child to watch the children unsupervised, despite knowing he had unresolved issues related to sexual abuse during his own childhood.

Other 2010 Settlements
  • $3,500 for soft-tissue neck and shoulder injuries
  • $12,806 for soft-tissue neck and shoulder injuries
  • $11,062.50 for back strain to passenger in car hit by TriMet bus
  • $2,649.51 for road rash of cyclist hit by car
  • $3,000 for head injury of pedestrian hit by TriMet van mirror
  • $19,000 for soft-tissue back injury with preexisting condition